Monday, April 18, 2016

The Walk 2015

     This film is based on the book To Reach the Clouds written by Philippe Petit.  The year is 1973, he lives in Paris and he makes a living performing juggling acts.  His parents are not happy about his lack of income and his work as a street performer.  His father asks him to leave the family house.  Philippe returns to the circus were he practices for hours on his wire walking skills.  He starts to get training and help from his a friend he calls Papa Rudy.  Philippe’s first public appearance as a wirewalker ends with him falling in a lake.  He decides to try walking walking on Notre Dame Cathedral to redeem himself.  His next decision is that he will walk between the two uncompleted towers of the World Trade Center in New York.  This walk will be much more complicated because of guards and the construction crews.  He sets the walk date as August 6. 1974.
     I think this is a little too long with too much focus on talking about wire walking.  There isn’t any explanation for the integral parts of the rigging for the tower walk.  It must be done perfectly, able to withstand the wind and the changes in the weather at 140 feet.  3* (This movie is OK)

123 min, Adventure directed by Robert Zemeckis with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Baby, Marie Turgeon.

Note:  Imdb 7.4 out of 10, 85% critic 78% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert 2 ½*, Amazon 4.1* out of 5* with 377 reviews.
Special Note:  Filmed in Montreal Canada, Paris France, New York. The film Man on Wire features archival footage and interviews with the real Philippe Petit. 

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