Friday, October 7, 2016

The Object of Beauty 1991

     Jake and Tina are an American couple living in London.  They are staying at an expensive London Hotel with prices beyond their means.  The hotel asks Jake to settle the bill since it is getting rather large.  Tina has a Henry Moore sculpture worth about 20.000 pounds that she received from her former husband as an anniversary gift.  Jake would like Tina to sell the sculpture at auction to raise money but Tina proposes a different plan.  They will give the piece to her friend and say it was stolen to claim the insurance money.  Surprisingly or not, the sculpture is really stolen from the hotel.
     Jake believes Tina gave the sculpture to her friend but she didn’t.  Tina believes Jake has hidden the sculpture deviating from the original plan?  Are these people still in high school instead of adults?  They seem to have no plan at all for their future and nothing matters except the now?  In some ways, this film resembles a Woody Allen movie?  3* (This movie is OK)

103 min, Comedy directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg with John Malkovich, Andie MacDowell, Lolita Davidovich, Rudi Davies, Joss Ackland, Bill Paterson, Ricci Harnett, Peter Riegert, Jack Shepherd.

Note:  Imdb 5.7 out of 10, 77% critic 38% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert 3 ½*, Amazon 3.5* out of 5* with 26 reviews.
Special Note:  Filmed in Sardinia, Italy and Ealing Studios, Ealing, London, England, UK.  Elizabeth Perkins was originally asked to play the role of Tina's friend Joan.  She dropped out because of illness.

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