Saturday, November 5, 2016

War Room 2015

     Miss Clara wants to sell her house.  She is having difficulty getting up and down the stairs and she’s moving in with her son Clyde.  Elizabeth Jordan is a real estate agent and she comes to meet with Miss Clara about the sale.  Elizabeth is having trouble with her marriage to Tony and she isn’t connecting enough with her young daughter Danielle.  Miss Clara offers to spend one hour each weekday teaching Elizabeth how to pray for her family. 
     This is very good!!  Miss Clara tells everything like it is and she doesn’t miss anything.  A man comes toward them in a parking garage with a knife and he demands their money.  Miss Clara stands up to him and he leaves without any money?  She didn’t do this with her physical strength!!  4* (I really liked this movie)

120 min, Drama directed by Alex Kendrick with Priscilla C. Shirer, T.C. Stallings, Karen Abercrombie, Tenae Downing, Alena Pitts, Michael Jr. Jadin Harris, Alex Kendrick, Dave Blamy, Thomas A. Ford III.

Note:  Imdb 6.3 out of 10, 33% critic 87% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert 1*, Amazon 4.9* out of 5* with 5824 reviews.
Special Note:  Filmed in Charlotte, Concord, Boone and Kannapolis, North Carolina. In one of the scenes, Danielle feeds a squirrel in the park.  The script called for a squirrel but there weren’t any in the park?  When they were ready to film, one squirrel came to their area and then left?

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