Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Space Between Us 2016

     A space shuttle leaves Earth on the first mission to colonize Mars.  Not long after takeoff, Sarah Elliott discovers she is pregnant.  As soon as they land, she has a son and he is the first human to be born on Mars.  Unfortunately, Sarah dies immediately after her baby is born.  Gardner lives on Mars with the 14 people he’s ever known.  When he is 16 years old, he begins an online friendship with Tulsa.  She is a girl his age in Colorado.  Gardner starts trying to learn everything he can about his parents and Earth.  He hopes to experience first hand what Earth is like.  There is a possibility his body may not be able to physically adapt to the conditions on earth. 
     I was interested in knowing what happened to Sarah after she gave birth to Gardner but nothing is said?  It’s possible she had post-delivery eclampsia because she had convulsions?  The time period on Earth is supposed to be 16 years ahead but a lot of physical items are not advanced but are older.  Dry erase boards in the classroom, old pickups and cars?  The actress in the role of Tulsa is about 10 years too old for her character?  She was 26 in 2016, the time of filming?  Asa Butterfield was 19 in 2016.  The premise for this film had a lot of potential but it plays out more like  Lifetime movie?  3* (This movie was OK)

120 min, Adventure directed by Peter Chelsom with Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Carla Gugino, Janet Montgomerty, Trey Tucker, Scott Takeda, Sarah Minich, Ryan Jason Cook, BD Wong, Adande ‘Swoozie’ Thorne.

Note:  Imdb 6.4 out of 10, 17% critic 56% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert 1 ½*, Rolling Stone 2 1/2* out of 4, Amazon 3.9* out of 5* with 144 reviews, Metacritic 33 out of 100 with 32 critics 4.4 out of 10 with 49 reviews.
Special Note:  Filmed in Albuquerque, Truth or Consequences, Rio Rancho, Sierra County, Santa Fe, Belen, Los Lunas and To’hajiilee, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; Utah, Colorado; Arizona; Malibu, California.  The original title of this film was Out of This World.  Highland High School in Albuquerque was used for some scenes.  Filming was during school hours and that caused some problems for the school administrators and the State Film commission.  There is another film with the same title from 2006.

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