Thursday, February 14, 2013

Charles and Anne Lindbergh: Alone Together 2005

Biography: Charles and Anne Lindbergh - Alone Together (2005)     Charles Lindbergh was a very shy and reserved man who he became a hero after he flew across the Atlantic.  Anne Morrow was also shy and didn’t like to call attention to herself.  Charles waited ten months after meeting her before he called to ask her to go flying with him.  They both felt away from the pressures of the world when they were in the air.  They were very happy until the kidnapping of their first son, Charles Lindbergh Junior.  Anne felt she needed to press down her emotions in order for Charles to continue to suppress his feelings.  After the baby’s body was found, Anne went into deep and severe depression with continual tears.  They never recovered from this severe blow to themselves as individuals and to their marriage as a couple.
     I enjoyed watching this, a lot of information about them that I didn’t know.  Archival film clips and interviews are included.  Many of the books written by Anne are still in print.  I would like to read them to learn more about them and their families.  Anne lived to be 95 and died in 2001, Charles lived to be 72 years old and died in 1974.  3 ½* (I liked this movie)
100 min, Biography.  Note:  Blockbuster 3*.

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