Sunday, December 11, 2016

All Dogs Go to Heaven 1989

     Charlie and Carface are dogs in the casino owning business.  They are fierce rivals and Carface has Charlie killed.  Charlie arrives in Heaven since all dogs go to heaven.  He doesn’t deserve to be there because of his behavior and he wants revenge on Carface.  He’s warned he will go to hell if he goes through with his revenge plan.  The only way for him to get back to Heaven is to prove he is worthy.
     I’ve seen this before but I didn’t remember anything about the story.  There is a LOT of action and a LOT of gambling and shady dealings for an animated movie!!  There are also songs and music, rich colors and a definite moral.  Some children are afraid of dogs and this film does illustrate them in a different way.  3 ½* (I liked this movie)

84 min, Animation, directed by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster with the voices of Burt Reynolds, Dom Deluise, Judith Barsi, Melba Moore, Daryl Gilley, Candy Devine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Rob Fuller, Earleen Carey, Anna Manahan, Nigel Pegram, Loni Anderson.

Note:  Imdb 6.7 out of 10, 50% critic 62% audience, Roger Ebert 3*, Amazon 4.4* out of 5* with 444 reviews.
Special Note:  Don Bluth and the other writers reached a deadlock for several weeks in the beginning stages of working on this story.  Robert Towne came to help them and he gave a simplified sum-up of the story after reading what they had come up with.  Robert Towne is a director and he’s worked on television and screen.  Outer Limits, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Chinatown, Shampoo, Heaven can Wait, Days of Thunder, Mission: Impossible II are examples of his work.  Don Bluth formerly worked for Disney but he led a group of artists away to his own operation.  He also worked on The Secret of NIMH.

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