Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Birds 2012

     Two fifteen-year-olds, Lily and Alison live on the shores of the Salton Sea.  It’s always windy, it’s a very small community and they feel they are at the dead end of the world.  Lily especially wants to “get out of Dodge.”  Alison doesn’t feel like it’s so bad.  Lily lives with her mother, her father passed away.  Alison lives with her father, her mother passed away.  They hope for a while that their single parents would get married but they decided Alison’s father was too old.  They meet three boys who are street kids and Lily is desperate to follow them to LA.  She just needs to convince Alison that they are going.
     There is a surprise ending but you may not make it to the ending?  As much despair in this film as in Lily’s life.  2 ½* (This movie is so-so)

Drama directed by Elgin James with Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, Leslie Mann, Kate Bosworth, Neal McDonough, Kyle Gailner, Kathleen Gati, Bob Larkin, Kyle Gallner.
Little Birds 2012:
Note:  Blockbuster 3*, imdb 6.0 out of 10, 53% % critic 45% audience on Rotten Tomatoes.   

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