Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Loneliest Planet 2011:

     The summer before Alex and Nica are to get married, they backpack through the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia.  The landscape is very beautiful and quiet.  They hire a local guide to help them on their journey.  An incident involving an older man with two boys they encounter along the way shakes Nica’s confidence in their relationship.
     If you would like a tour guide movie to explore these mountains from your own home, this is for you.  The scenery is very beautiful but there is little dialogue and the tiny incident seemed to be resolved quickly but is dramatized for effect.  There is no “thriller” in this movie?  2* (I didn’t like this movie)

113 min, Thriller directed by Julie Loktev with Gael Garcia Bernal, Hani Furstenberg, Bidzina Gujabidze.

Note:  Blockbuster 4*, imdb 5.5 out of 10, 69% critic 33% audience on Rotten Tomatoes.
Special Note:  Was the purpose of this movie an excuse for the movie team to go on a paid for exploration?

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