Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeard 2013

     This film is based on a best-selling novel by Jonas Jonasson.  Allan Karlsson is 100 years old and living in a nursing home.  The staff is preparing for 100-year birthday but when they go into his room he’s gone.  He’s on the first floor and he just steps out the window.  He went to the bus station and got a ticket for as far has his limited funds would let him go.  Another man came into the station and asked Allan to look after his suitcase.  Allan decides he will take the suitcase on the bus with him.  There isn’t much in the town of his destination but he meets Julius Jonasson and their adventures begin.  The man from the bus station comes to retrieve his suitcase from Allan and Julius.  He’s not very nice about it and Julius puts him in the freezer.  He turns on the freeze and he forgets about it.  Later they don’t have to worry about the man anymore because he’s frozen.  They take him with them and begin their traveling adventures.
     I didn’t know this film would be so funny!!  Allan and Julius meet up with a lot of people and they add an elephant to their group.  More rough people show up to get the suitcase.  The police have been called by the retirement home and they are looking for Allan.  A lot of Allan’s previous life is shown in flashbacks plus Allan and Julius find out there is money in the suitcase.  That explains the interest in getting it returned.  4* (I really liked this movie)
104 min, Adventure directed by Felix Herngren with Robert Gustafsson, Iwar Wiklander, David Wiberg, Jens Hulten, David Shackleton, Ralph Carlsson, Georg Nikoloff, Alan Ford Simon Sappenen, Sven Lonn.
Note:  Imdb 7.1 out of 10, 68% critic 69% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert 2 ½*, Amazon 4.3* out of 5* with 4162 reviews.
Special Note:  Filmed in Hungary, Croatia, Sweden and Bali, Indonesia.  Actor Robert Gustafsson is not 100 years old, he was 48 at the time of the movie release and he’s a popular comedian in Sweden.  Robert wore a lot of prosthetic pieces were used to age him and sometimes the application process started at 2AM.  This is the highest grossing Swedish movie!!

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