Friday, January 6, 2017

Fetching 2012

     Liza is engaged to Mitch and he’s expecting her to quit her job as a lawyer and to become a wife, mother and homemaker.  She’s not so sure that this is what she wants at this time in her life?  It’s a difficult choice but she decides to call off the wedding and she also quits her job.  She uses the wedding money to open up a doggy day care called Fetching.  She wants less stress in her life and she feels she needs to change up her life.  She hires her friends Matt, Daveed and Aji to help out with the shop.  Just after she opens, a big box store also stocking dog supplies opens down the street.  This store does take away some of her business.  Liza doesn’t know what she’s going to do about her personal life and she doesn’t seem to be meeting anyone? 
     This is funny and it’s interesting and the dogs are a BIG part of the film.  When big changes are made, it’s tough to know if you’ve done the right thing and it’s common to second-guess your choices.  3 ½* (I liked this movie)

15 episodes, Comedy, TV Series written by Amy Harris with Collette Wolfe, Levi Fiehler, Dave Annable, Elaine Hendrix, Smith Cho, Brian Tichnell, Sandra Vergara.
Note:  Imdb 7.1 out of 10, Amazon 2.8* out of 5* with 32 reviews.
Special Note:  Sandra Vergara is a cousin and adopted younger sister of Sofia Vergara.  I thought they were related because Sandra sounds just like Sofia.  She has been in Fright Night 2011, God Bless America 2011 and Days of Santiago 2004.  Filmed in Los Angeles, California.

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