Friday, January 9, 2015

Dormant Beauty 2012

Dormant Beauty

     This film is set during the last six days in the life of Eluana Englaro.  She was a young woman who spent 17 years cared for by nuns while in a vegetative state.  The entire country is at odds over continuing her care or letting her pass.  She is not shown but three other women are shown in hospitals.  One woman can speak but is confined to her bed.  Another woman is young and she has a machine breathing for her.  She cannot move or communicate.  There is a third woman recently admitted to the hospital and she is in a coma.  She is a drug addict.
     I could not get interested in this movie.  It must be the unusual subject and the way this was presented.  There is the silence in the rooms of the women but the drama and controversy among the Italians.  There is also the drama among the families of the women and the hospital staff.  2* (I didn’t like this movie)

115 min, Drama directed by Marco Bellocchio with Toni Servillo, Isabelle Huppert, Alba Rohrwacher, Michele Riondino, Maya Sansa, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio.

Note:  Imdb 6.4 out of 10, 83% critic 43% audience on Rotten Tomatoes, The New York Times 2 ½*. 
Special Note:  The case of Eluana Englaro is based on fact and was a right-to-euthanasia case in Italy during February of 2009.  There was a vote by the Italian Parliament to settle her fate.  Her father wanted to remove her feeding 
tube, he was supported by the courts and opposed by the Vatican and the Prime Minister.  In America, we had the case of Terri Schiavo in Florida between 1998 and 2005.

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